Amanda Andrews

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Testimonial from: Amanda Andrews

Omgawd- Susan you are a ROCK STAR! Linda told me you said George had a urinary infection, so I asked my mom to take him to the vet (I'm out of town and they are staying with her) anyway, he wasn't acting sick or going outside his box but we both agreed if the psychic said he had one then we must take him and damn if he didn't have the early stages of one! Ah-mazing!!!

They gave him a new shot that should cure it in about two weeks. She said to bring him back in a week if he doesn't stop peeing outside his box. We had to tell the vet something other than the psychic said to take him in, so we said he was going outside his box. So, in a weeks time, will you hone in on him and see if he needs to go back please? Lol!

You are amazing. Thank u! Oh, and I'm going to give Foo her artist kit!