Dorian Found

Posted By on Jan 3, 2014 in Blog, Cats, Testimonials



I am so thankful for Susan's help by providing a miracle to help find my lost cat Dorian. At the time it have recently moved cross country and my cats where not yet familiar with my new home, Dorian ran outside and disappeared.I have been looking for him for 3 days leaving food outside calling him all over and no show of him.

Then I contacted Susan and her first words were " My name is Dori, I am lost and I am missing Alexandra.". Alexandra is my daughters name and she calls him Dori.

Listening to Susan's guidance and advice we looked for him together. Little while after she prayed and spoke to him in spirit to listens to his mom's voice I got a nudge to go look for him again. I kept going outside and calling & calling him and then I heard him answering. He was completely disoriented and lost , scared of me but he kept responding to my voice like Susan said he would.

Amazingly he came to me and let me pick him up while I was talking to him. He was literally found within two hours since I had a call with Susan. She is a true Angel of God to be sent to us to help our furry family members. I am so thankful to Susan and her love, determination, patience, willingness to help. She didn't hesitate once and she stayed involved constantly to make sure that Dorian is found. Words " Above & beyond highly recommended" would fit to describe her.

Thank you so much!

Dorian, Alexandra & Adriana 🙂