Irene says…

Posted By on Jul 25, 2013 in Dogs, Testimonials

Dear Susan,

I haven't listened to the recording yet, but will before I sleep tonight.  I had more time to reflect and I wish I had remembered these things during our conversation.  First, his big nose....I had made up a song for him a while back, and I just repeat, "You've got a big nose."  You'll have to let me sing it for you when we go walking.  But it's so funny because my family, mostly my mom and I, just love to comment on what a big nose he appears huge in pictures sometimes!  So eventually I just started singing that to him.  I'm glad he told you, now me, that he loves his big nose.  We love it too.

I also better understand his response about his howling--it's his way of expressing himself.  He doesn't know how I feel all the time because I don't express my emotions as well, and I do feel that since I've had him, I have felt more encouraged to speak up more, just like he does, when something doesn't feel right.  He taught me to use my voice more, but it's something I certainly still struggle with as I have repressed so much for so long.  

Anyway, I'm going to listen to the recording.  I'm very thankful to have Pickles in my life and to have met you  to help me better understand our relationship.  I don't know if you are able to explain, but I was curious as to what he sounds like.  Thanks again!