Jennifer, Steven & “Walter” say…

Posted By on Jun 27, 2013 in Dogs, Testimonials

Working with Susan was so fortifying.  We've had our blessed Walter for eight years.  He's a rescue and truly brings so much love and light into our home.

We recently moved and Walter's getting older so we were contemplating on getting another dog.  We were not sure if this is what Walter wanted so we reached out to Susan for a reading.  Susan's amazing!

Walter Frances


She was able to read Walter with such accuracy.  She knew details about his adoption that no one else knew.  She also confirmed that he's a healer of sorts, which we've always known.  He's helped so many people land in their hearts.

Susan was also able to deliver a very clear message to us that Walter didn't want to share himself with another dog.  When he transitions, he wants us to adopt two dogs at the same time.  It feels so right and now husband and I are truly at peace with this decision.

I cannot recommend Susan enough for any reading with any animal.  I like to think of Susan as the "Animal Whisperer."  I'm so grateful to Susan for using her special gifts to help so many.  Animals need to be heard just like we humans.  Thank God there's interpreters like Susan to help us fully understand what our animals are trying to say.

Thank you again.
Much love to you,

Jennifer Frances and Walter