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I am located in Southern California.  However, I work worldwide through distant communication.  I do make barn calls but please keep them within 60 miles of Los Angeles.

Below are the different services I offer.  Once you purchase a session, please fill out the form below and upload a photo of your pet or email a picture to me.  Still have questions, please email me through the form below.  I return emails as I get them, usually within 24 hours during regular business hours and days.

In filling out this form, PLEASE DON’T tell me what your pet’s personality is like.  When we speak on the phone, I may or may not ask for more detailed information, depending on the situation. Thank You!

Please be assured that I welcome your input and respect your privacy. I guarantee that I will never knowingly share your information with any third party (unless required by law).


Animal Soul Speak Session

For this session, please be in a quiet place.  Susan prepares before your session through meditation and connecting with the soul of your pet, living or deceased, and journals with the pet prior to your call with her.  There is always times for questions, but it’s rare that spirit won’t have already answered most of the questions you have. (55 minutes)   $200

Mini Session

This is an opportunity for you to work with Susan on a pressing question or issue that your pet or you are having.
(20 minutes)



Animal Healing Session

This is a healing that takes place with Susan working on your pet remotely.  Please send a photo of your pet along with a session form (below).  Spirit has healed many pets this way.  You will not be on the phone with Susan.  Susan works on your pet after her meditation, and she will let you know she received your photo and payment via email.  She will perform the healing within 20 hours of receiving your payment and photo.   $100


Emergency Healing Session  $200


Barn Visit

Susan will come to your barn and sit with your animal performing healing and calming techniques on your animal.  Please keep barn visits within 60 miles of Los Angeles.



Intuitive Guidance for Humans

Receive Susan’s pragmatic intuitive guidance and/or healing for yourself.

(55 minutes)   $150








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