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All the cats I've lived with over my lifetime are things of beauty and mystery. We buy cat books trying to figure them out and wonder whats going on in their cat world because they cant speak or we understand what they say you resign yourself to thinking that all they want is to eat sleep, play and mate, with neery another thought. It's great and simple, you don't realize it but somethings missing.

Enter Susan Allen who blows that limited view away and suddenly the same cats you think you know transform and they become beings that think, communicate and have conversations that changed my limited view of my little furry beasts.

Susan looked at a photo of both my cats and channels in, or something and the reading begins, its almost like listening to an adult read a gentle children's bedtime story but in this case the cats doing the narrative as they now reveal what they think, feel and desire. That's quite a jump from where I was in my relationship reading about hairballs, nail maintenance and the like.


The cats think......and she can read their minds, and now your in their world. What I got was my cats communication about what they want, what they don't want and how much they enjoy our company. Without Susan's reading I never would have known how they feel about the world we share together.

Ask Susan how it works she says something like "I don't know, It comes to me". Gifts are sometimes like that.



Now if she made it all up it would be a good amusement and worth a reading but from what the cats told us and what we will do will make a difference in their environment and their well being, and as stewards of our cats all we want is for them and us to be joyous in our shared worlds.

Susan didn't choose her gift it chose her and she is at a time where she's excited about sharing her gift. I was so glad, she gave voice and soul to those things we love and cherish. Thank you Susan.

PS after Susan's readings you never look at your cats in the same way  you listen and you hear them its informative and fun as you tune in to the gift that begins with a reading.


Scott and Linda Blagman