Storm and “Pretzel Time”

Posted By on Aug 25, 2014 in Blog, Dogs, Testimonials

Before Susan started, I was not really believing that she could actually talk to Storm. I thought that she would just make it all up.

She mentioned how he enjoyed "pretzel time" and that was something only me and Storm knew about. My mom would give me a bowl of pretzels but she would always give me more than I wanted. So, I gave Storm the rest of the pretzels and never told anyone.

The biggest thrill of my reading with Susan was when we talked about how Storm died. I was worried that it was my fault - that I was the reason he died. I thought I wasn't there for him enough.

imageWhen Susan told me that he said not to blame myself, that it was not my fault, I felt so much relief. Now I don't blame myself. It makes me happy to know I did all I could for him.

The other part of the reading that was so special to me was when Storm said that it is OK to love other dogs because he knows I will always love him. I have always thought that if I got a new dog, it would make Storm jealous. Now, I am able to enjoy my new dog, Izzy.

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