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My Process:

I do remote animal soul speaking using a photo of the pet. It’s best to have eyes looking at the camera. The photo can be emailed to me. Please include everyone the animals lives with, i.e.,  Andrew-my husband, George-our frog.

I talk to the animal first through my meditation and journal our conversation.

Then I follow up with the owner after my process and set an appointment for that day to read to them what their animal said. There is always time for questions, but, the animal will say what is most important to them, and not all the time what’s important to their human.

I am now able to mp3 my reading to the owner and email it. Want to know more about an "Animal Soul Speak" session ?

- Simply contact me or schedule a session.


Thank you for passing the word on "That animals do have souls and they have a lot to say!"


~Susan Joan Rini


Rosie loves her Holidays

Rosie loves her Holidays.


Disclaimer-An ANIMAL SOUL SPEAK session with Susan- should never be used instead of veterinary care, but, as a guideline.