Who I Am

My Gift. This gift is more surprising to me than anyone else. I am truly grateful to be an instrument of animal communication however, explanations evade me.

Animals have souls.  My first powerful animal communication was accidental. When I realized that this all was possible was during the time when I had spent a few years at a ranch massaging a horse named Leo.

Leo seemed very responsive to both my hands and voice. Spending time with him almost weekly gave me the horse “fix” I needed. I would talk to him telepathically, and he would talk back to me. I thought my brain was imagining things sometimes, but, I was moved by him, to the point of tears.  I thought this was nutty, but, he had told me about painful events that he had gone through. Including the day they branded him from his ranch of origin.

One day he was doing his usual bit with me he wanted all his carrots and a long massage before he would let me scratch his face, and lower his head enough so we could be eye to eye. Our favorite thing to do with each other. Knowing I had to leave soon,  I clearly said to him (non-verbally),  “okay, boy, I’m going into surgery on Monday, so I won’t see you for at least 4 weeks until I can drive, so if you aren’t going to let me scratch your head and give you kisses now, I guess I will leave.” It utterly amazes me to this day; it was one of many animal things that happened to me.  His eyes suddenly looked so different, almost dilated, his ears came completely forward, and his head lowered so much, as he dropped his head completely into my hand, and then his eyes closed ever so softly. It was then I realized he had heard every word I had ever said to him, and I had heard every word he had ever said to me. And this was something that I had really done my whole life since childhood.


 Thank you for passing the word on “That animals do have souls and they have a lot to say!”

~Susan Joan Rini