Talking to Animals

Amanda Andrews

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Amanda Andrews

Omgawd- Susan you are a ROCK STAR! Linda told me you said George had a urinary infection, so I asked my mom to take him to the vet (I’m out of town and they are staying with her) anyway, he wasn’t acting sick or going outside his box but we both agreed if the psychic said he had one then we must take him and damn if he didn’t have the early stages of one! Ah-mazing!!! They gave him a new shot that should cure it in about two weeks. She said to bring him back in a week if he doesn’t stop peeing outside his box. We had to tell the vet something other than the psychic said to take him in, so we said he was going outside his box. So, in a weeks time, will you hone in on him and see if he needs to go back please? Lol! You are amazing. Thank u! Oh, and I’m going to give Foo her artist kit!

Ron says…

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Ron says…

“I have taken some time to write you because I am so unbelievably moved by your insight Into my boys that I’m just can’t understand it.

You have given me vindication of what I’ve thought all along about my dogs but silly to say. For you to know who they are and for you to know them Just by a photo is amazing.

Surprisingly you told by about love, how much they love us and its given us an amazing understanding of their feelings as well.  I can’t thank you enough. We are all now more closer than ever.”


Irene says…

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Irene says…

Dear Susan,

I haven’t listened to the recording yet, but will before I sleep tonight.  I had more time to reflect and I wish I
had remembered these things during our conversation.  First, his big nose….I had made up a song for him
a while back, and I just repeat, “You’ve got a big nose.”  You’ll have to let me sing it for you when we go
walking.  But it’s so funny because my family, mostly my mom and I, just love to comment on what a big nose
he has…it appears huge in pictures sometimes!  So eventually I just started singing that to him.  I’m glad he told
you, now me, that he loves his big nose.  We love it too.

I also better understand his response about his howling–it’s his way of expressing himself.  He doesn’t know
how I feel all the time because I don’t express my emotions as well, and I do feel that since I’ve had him, I have
felt more encouraged to speak up more, just like he does, when something doesn’t feel right.  He taught me to
use my voice more, but it’s something I certainly still struggle with as I have repressed so much for so long.

Anyway, I’m going to listen to the recording.  I’m very thankful to have Pickles in my life and to have met you
to help me better understand our relationship.  I don’t know if you are able to explain, but I was curious as to
what he sounds like.  Thanks again!


Suzie & Cliff say…

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Suzie & Cliff say…

” I sent Susan a photo of my  dog Cliff. Upon opening the photo apparently he was screaming ” I need a walk”. It was never more true- I took on an extra 20 more hours a week at work and Cliff was very anxious and barking a lot.

Susan was able to get it right away and now we are one big happy family walking Ciff every night. I highly recommend Susan because she has a true connection with animals that is striking and profound. I said to Susan before hanging up the phone that I wanted to follow her career.


Jennifer, Steven & “Walter” say…

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Jennifer, Steven & “Walter” say…
Working with Susan was so fortitying.  We’ve had our blessed Walter for eight years.  He’s a rescue and truly brings so much love and light into our home.We recently moved and Walter’s getting older so we were contemplating on getting another dog.  We were not sure if this is what Walter wanted so we reached out to Susan for a reading.  Susan’s amazing! She was able to read Walter with such accuracy.  She knew details about his adoption that no one else knew.  She also confirmed that he’s a healer of sorts, which we’ve always known.  He’s helped so many people land in their hearts.Susan was also able to deliver a very clear message to us that Walter didn’t want to share himself with another dog.  When he transitions, he wants us to adopt two dogs at the same time.  It feels so right and now husband and I are truly at peace with this decision.I cannot recommend Susan enough for any reading with any animal.  I like to think of Susan as the “Animal Whisperer.”  I’m so grateful to Susan for using her special gifts to help so many.  Animals need to be heard just like we humans.  THank God there’s interpreters like Susan to help us fully understand what our animals are trying to say.Thank you again.
Much love to you,

Jennifer Frances and Walter

Tracy B. House says…

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Tracy B. House says…

” Susan came my way highly recommended and I was very hopeful with a touch of skepticism. I have been around and loved animals all my life. Mr. Puppy, the closest of all to my heart passed away November 28th 2012.

I was thrilled to have her connect to Mr. Puppy through a picture. The reading was absolutely incredible! The specifics that she gave me were so personal and accurate that there is no doubt in my mind and heart that Susan’s talent is true and her intention pure! I recommend her to anyone!

Thanks so much Susan ”

Tracy B. House

Kristen A. Cook says…

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Kristen A. Cook says…

Susan was amazing! I was a real skeptic until after she spoke with my dog, Rover.

The things he mentioned no one would ever know.. Ex. Never would I tell anyone that I fed my beautiful white 3 pound Maltese a little bit of Taco Bell.. It was his and my secret but guess what – Rover told Susan he loves Mexican food after just having a little bit.Lol he had hurt his rear right leg about a year ago – he told me his leg is fine now.

His anxiety and reasons why.., ugh – I could go on and on but I highly recommend Susan if you love your animal and want to hear how they feel! I know I do! Thank you again


Kristen A. Cook

Co-star hit Reality Show Scoring the Deal

Vice President

Jason Abrams says…

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Jason Abrams says…

Amazing. I must admit when I was first approached with the idea of my dog have a “reading” I could not have been more skeptical.

This idea just did not seem compatible with my Midwest sensibilities. However, from the second Susan starting speaking with my wife and I, I was shocked.

Not only did Susan have a really good feel for how much we love our dog, but she knew specifics!!! She mentioned that our dog was having a hard time with the upper right hand corner of his mouth, perhaps his teeth? Well, we looked…BROKEN TOOTH!!!!!

I have no idea how she does what she does, but make no mistake, she does it!


Jason Abrams

Star of Scoring the Deal

Dr.Daphne Mobley says…

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Dr.Daphne Mobley says…

I had an incredible animal communication session with Susan that was unlike any other session that I had. She blew me away with some facts that were very accurate about my dog, our environment, me and details about the relationship that I have with my loving companion (my dog).

The session was a mix of precise information that stood out way above some of the typical animal communication sessions. Susan did not talk about general, ‘fluffy’ information, but she provided insightful information that was trans-formative and extremely useful for me as well as the health/well being of my dog.

Most of all, it is clear that this is the work that she is destined to do because she delivers the messages in a authentic, caring way from a place of genuine love.

Dr.Daphne Mobley, CEO, ACC, DVM

Daphne Mobley, LLC

Media Personality, Speaker, Career & Life Coach

Stacey Rosser says…

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Stacey Rosser says…

“I have no doubt that Susan truly communicated with my dog, Rosco. She nailed his personality and how our family relates to Rosco.

She told me our Rosco is such a happy animal, so full of love and so easy-going. She said, “he’s getting everything he needs”. Some of that has to do with the fact that Rosco told Susan that he is an old soul and really is not needy. He’s so happy in our busy household that’s filled with activity and being loved by his Mom, whom he feels is a “truly good person, with clear vision.” (I’m so happy he feels that way about me!).

My sweet Rosco even sees the spirits dwelling in our home, particularly my son who left this world all too soon and whom Rosco loved. He’s still with us and so are others. There were some specifics too about lumps on his left side, which he has, and teeth that bother him (his gums have been bleeding lately).

What a gift Susan has given us! I completely recommend that you send Susan a photo of your dog.”

It was a pleasure to meet you on the phone. Thank you again, and I may send you a photo of our other dog, if that’s ok.


Stacey Rosser